What Everybody Ought To Know About Newsletter Content

Think about the reader first. 

End of post.

Man Throwing TreatWell, not exactly.  I’ll give you a bit of explanation.  Your reader most likely doesn’t care what your end of year sales numbers are, or who your new VP of Sales is.  Really, who has time to digest boring information that doesn’t really impact them?

So find out what your newsletter readers are interested in, and give it to them.  Do they like pictures?  Personal stories?  Running long distance marathons?  GIVE IT TO THEM.

Ask your sales department where your readers shop, play, vacation, drink coffee etc.  And use this information to shape how you deliver your information.

This is sometimes a bit of trial and error process.  Try something new.  Put a new type of content in your newsletter and gauge the response.

Yes, you still need to give out the information that must be given.  But determine what must be given and weed out the rest.  And then find an intriguing way to deliver what you do plan to share.

You’ve spent thousands of hours thinking about your company and what you want from your newsletter reader.  Now you need to roll that pill up in some ham before you give it to them.  (If you’ve ever had a pet, you know exactly what I am talking about.)