7 Ideas for Your Spring Newsletter

Flower photo

Flower photo (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Your readers don’t want to receive a newsletter full of long, blocky paragraphs.  They’ll feel intimidated, or overwhelmed, and trash it.  You need to include photos, lists, and lots of white space in your newsletter-  it will have a much better chance of being read.  Here’s seven other ideas to freshen up your spring issue.  What if you were to include:

  • A client success story
  • A much requested recipe
  • A list of links to sites your reader will actually enjoy visiting
  • A batch of sharp, interesting photos from a recent event
  • A funny background story on an employee
  • A list of quirky facts about your company
  • A list of books/movies related to your company

Enjoy trying something new, your readers will notice! 

And, now I’d like to make an offer.  If you’d like to submit a copy of your newsletter to me, I’ll give you some tips and hints, for free.  That’s right.  Really for free.  And I promise not to hack it apart, even if it is really awful.  I’ll just say something like “this is a great starting place, here’s what you could work on …”  So, if you’d like to take your newsletter up a notch, send it my way.  If you can, send it as a PDF.  Advance warning- I will be posting it to the site, so others can learn along with you.  But we’re all just trying to get better together, so it won’t hurt!  Happy pre-Friday everyone!



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