One, Two, Three, Stretch Your Content

You’ve worked hard to create a fantastic newsletter for your audience.  The content is engaging, interesting, timely.  You’ve mailed or emailed that newsletter out and now you’re struggling to come up with something fresh for your blog.  Guess what?  You can pull some of the awesome content from your newsletter and use it on your blog.  Yes!

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grab a great interview or story from the latest newsletter issue and post it on your blog with some fresh pictures.  If you want blog readers to subscribe to your newsletter you might include just part of the story and ask people to click in to your newsletter to read the rest.  Don’t forget to provide an obvious and easy way for readers to subscribe to your newsletter on the page they visit.

Hold that stretch, now a little further…  Tweet out a link to your newsletter or post a link on Linkedin.  You’ve created something wonderful, now make sure people know about it!

Stretching content across multiple access points not only saves you time and energy, it can introduce people to areas of your social network they may not have previously encountered.



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