Using an E Course or E Book To Get Addresses or Make $

??????????????????????????????????????Do you have some helpful information that people are always happy to receive from you?  It could be on anything from maintaining a saltwater pool to rocking a power point presentation.  It’s an area of expertise where you shine.

You can use that information (or content) to accomplish your business goals.  Two popular goals that people have for their website are

1) To get people’s email addresses

2) To sell something

If you can format your expertise into an E Book (it can be just three or four chapters) or an E Course (people receive over email) then you can use it to accomplish either of these goals.

Many people offer an E Book download in exchange for a visitor’s email address.  Or you could sell your E Book or E Course for a small fee ($3-$9) and create a nice source of passive income for yourself.

If you’ve got the knowledge, but not the time or writing chops- find a freelance writer.  Ahem, like me.  I’m not shy, I’m great at helping you turn YOUR expertise into a great piece of content for your clients. Email me today and we can talk about this process.

Want more ideas?  Here’s a great article by AWeber


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