Does Your Business Website Make This HUGE Mistake?

Do you troll the internet looking for exciting business websites to visit?  “I bet there’s something great on my bank website today”.


httpPotential clients visit websites to solve a problem. They’re hungry, they need a loan, or a new degree. They’re not coming to your site to read your mission statement or see what you think about “today’s market news.” (This might be good supportive content depending on your website goals, but not appropriate for the home page.)

Consider reorganizing your site so that it shows you understand your client’s problems, and then go over the solutions you offer.

Companies who do this, and offer clear solutions to client’s needs, get higher results than those who organize their websites based on their organization’s structure.


3 thoughts on “Does Your Business Website Make This HUGE Mistake?

  1. I’m not a business per se, but love the reminder. Trying to see what I offer from the user’s point of view is exciting but scary. The other day I realized there’s something I should do with my blog that’s going to take me hours to adjust, but is likely to make a huge difference in usability. Your post is a great reminder that this is part of my responsibility. Thanks!

  2. Cheri- it’s so hard to take the time to take a “user” or “client” perspective- AND to make the necessary adjustments. But statistics prove that it is worth it! Please come back and share the fruit you see from the changes you make.


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