Professional Ghostwriter

Your book, in your voice.

You have a story you are ready to tell. Or a manuscript that needs some attention. I’m a professional ghost writer who is familiar with the process of working to create a final draft that will spark attention.

I specialize in memoirs and non-fiction books.

What I can do for you:

    • Manage the project.  I’ll create a schedule of meetings and interviews, drafts and draft reviews, that will move us towards a set deadline.  And I’ve never missed a deadline.
    • Maintain your voice.  I record every conversation we have, and your personality and speech patterns will shine through your book. I conduct interviews in person, over the phone, or via Skype.
    • Provide you with an estimate and payment schedule.  There won’t be any surprises.
    • Help you create a compelling, page-turner.  What you do with your manuscript when we are finished is up to you, but whoever your audience is, they’ll have a hard time putting it down.
    • Provide a professional, reliable working relationship. 
    • Keep our project completely confidential.  I will never specifically refer to, publish portions of, orrequest credit for anything we do together.  My name will not appear as a byline, or anywhere else inrelationship to you or your manuscript.  This will be further outlined in our contract.

What project is burning a hole in your gut? I’d love to discuss how I can help you turn your story or expertise into a final draft.